Writing in the Madness: An About Page

An abstract painting of a printing press with the gears prominent.
Tryckpressen (Printing Press) by Sture Lundberg

I called this The Scrivener's Jest because that is what I like to imagine has happened. You, me, and all the rest of us in this madcap world are just figures on a page that was, in a moment of exuberance or inattention, improperly placed and copied. Now that page is splattered with ink, the page numbers are lost and confused, and we're adrift in a cacophony of images and words as the printer keeps running and the Scrivener just laughs and laughs.

So there I was buried up to my neck in all of...well...this madness. In the midst of the deluge, I thought to myself—no one else being in my head at the moment—let's add to that mess. Let's offer another voice to the vast teeming of voices wanting to be heard. My voice may not be particularly interesting or deserving of the attention, but it is mine. I like it and the really cool thing about a website is that no one else has to listen or read; although, I would very much like it if you did. I am not sure who you are, but you are here reading this. A present reader always beats a non-existent reader in my book. Unless, of course, you are something else—maybe a pesky bot come to swallow up my hard won words ready to regurgitate them for some pimpled child of 35 who can't write or read. Who needs to do that when the machines can do it for them? You can see why I think this must all be a joke.

This site is not a news site. I may talk about the news, but I really want to talk about life, existence, and random other stuff. I could use my primary site, but that site has much more of a tech and research focus. There may be a bit of that here, but this is a space where I can get geeky and nerdy about media and games, where I can get creative, and where I can reflect in ways that I don't elsewhere. I suppose I could put this on other sites or on some billionaires social media platform, but really fuck those people and the people who slavishly follow them around.

You'll find pretty quickly that there aren't a lot of heroes here and even less hero worship. I am not really into the whole "but so-and-so did this so they must be a genius" mindset. I am of the firm opinion that everyone is faking it, and that some just got luckier than others thanks to a lottery of birth and access.

I'll leave those debates for other days, however. Holy wars and holy purges are for saints and killers, and I am neither. I am just a random guy who likes to write and talk. As for this, it is a lark and an exploration. I will say that the boilerplate is always true: these are my words and my opinions and do not reflect those who I work or associate with in any way. They have their own madness to cope with, I just choose to put mine out here to see what happens.